wobbly cuts

wobbly cuts
a three foot saw
bowing in the center
jaggedly tearing
its way through
cartilage and bone
inexorably slow
rusted teeth caught
in strands of sinew
as i lay fully awake
in the magician’s box
before an adoring crowd
bloodthirsty for more
as the assistant’s
smile blankly
trying not to show
the exertion in
the seemingly easy
strokes of the blade
as they try to cut
mw in half to count
the dessicated rings

the magician
tall and noble
bows with a flourish
making balloon animals
from shredded intestines
a poodle coated in gore
handed to a child
wide eyed and smiling
eager for more

i stare up at the
hot lights beaming
down onto the stage
black spots shimmer
with every halted slice
wishing i were a rabbit
but knowing well
far worse awaits
the denizens of the hat


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