of coyotes and fools

the goddamned dog
trumpets incessantly
three piercing yips
on loop
for hours on end
it gets to the point
when it stops
all i sense is
something missing
as if i woke
the slumbering little
ankle biting
yipping bastard
it begins again

trying to quell this
seemingly endless cycle
of clusterbombs
fireworks flashing
behind my eyelids
all i want to do is
shut completely down
unable to unplug
constantly researching
seeking new angles
on the same pedantic art
fishing for words
only able to grasp feebly
at the three barks

i need to deaden this
endless deadend sprint
if it is me
or the tumor
gripling feverishly
to the steering wheel
ignoring the flashing lights
the bridge is out
pedal jammed to floor
jettisoning myself
at the speed of yipping
into the cartoon cliff

i turn towards the camera
holding up a sign
that reads
f@$k me
before sliding into
the dry riverbed below
a mushroom cloud
and a me shaped hole
in the brownish red ground
all while
that goddamned dog
barks at the the wandering spirits
of coyotes and fools


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