simply stated

there was a duck
something something
fell in love
with a swan
things happened
(lessons learned)
he was a swan
(bird logic)
the whole time
they realized that
they were both
(blah blah blah)

happy images

the truth is

i fall asleep
with your name
on my lips
i wake
with you filling
my head

some mornings
i can see
a million different
from the wind
through the trees
that tell
a thousand tales
i long to whisper
in your ear

some mornings
i just sit in
stunned silence
at everything
in the perspective
of a man
in love
with a woman
that slides right along
the truth
of who he is
without flinching

and knowing
he would never
flinch from her

so pretend
he was a duck
his sense of self
is lacking
she is a swan
because she is
sublime beauty
utter brilliance
they were happy
make it sappy
with a lesson
for the kids
an easy
fairy tale
because people
like that kind
of simplicity.

simply stated

it doesn’t matter
i woke up
full of you

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