i like astrology because it is neat how we can assume fated truths based on flawed vagaries stare hard enough into the tea leaves the image of death or sex or riches is suddenly drawn forth as mercury is in retrograde bad uranus joke

i like astronomy because i understand everything we loved has been dying since the moment we first witnessed it but it is still fun to get lost in the splendor of something so far away can still mersmerize the unwitting stare into the pitch black reflection of what lurks within us all

but to think the dying photons that traveled from countless light-years that arrived at a random time to shine upon your birth can shape your personality is the same as claiming a bad marriage to justify being a shitty person

probably need to look inside rather than to the stars to fix that kind of fucked but what do i know? i am likely emotionally stunted myself just in a way where i have learned to avoid a situation where phantom rays of light alone can show me the path forward

it’s the same reason people slow down to stare at a car wreck

part of them hopes to see a severed head

they’re fucking sick

i just want to get home

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