too loud too early

the car started
with a
flatulent whine
that did little
to make
anyone listening
feel calm
even the birds
and glared with
cocked heads
at the terrible
as the sun hid
behind clouds.

i just watch it
through the open
sipping my last
cup of coffee
as i put on my
doc’s and sigh.

myopic today
the people at
street level
look like rabid
ants even as i
stand next to
maybe the knowledge
that the view
from the thirty fifth
floor over dallas
will do nothing
to alleviate
this anxiety
at my ribcage.

i need her
held close
when the world gets
too loud
so i insulate my
empty head
with thoughts of
listening to her
speak in the
various tones
that fill me
with an overdose
of joy
the last dregs of
coffee linger
on my tongue
as a herd
of flatulent whines
fills the highway
around me
and the birds sing
softly of
the fool and his love.

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