sleepless declarations

sleep is a gnat
flitting around
my skull
only stopping
for a moment
an irritant
buzzing in my ear
yet never settling
long enough
to do anything
of substance

leaving me with
plenty of time
to think in
dizzying circles
a record skipping
as i stare up
into the space
between our lips

i have tried to
calculate infinity
by whispering soft
my love to you
saturating every
fiber of the room
a sanctuary dedicated
to words unacknowledged
unsure if i want
a night’s sleep
as badly as i want
to hold you tight
unable to de either
a listless spirit
in this sanctified place
that echoes with
odes to your beauty

having exhausted
both declarations
and desperate prayer
loving you in this
dreamlike fugue
seeking a respite
as my hands long
to run along your flesh
my lips on your neck
as every ounce of
adoration sweeps
through our bodies
as we sleep in a tangle

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