golden whispers of longing

do you hear them?
if you cock your head
can you hear
the symphony of sparrows
greeting the day?

on a cool morning
as the sun
i had lost hope
in seeing again
breaks the roofline
to flood the room
banish the darkness
a soft caress
on sleep starved cheeks
but a sign
of better times
to come.

can you hear it?
if you lay your head
upon my chest
my heart whispering
your name?

starting the day
with birdsong
threaded carefully
between pulses
my breath caught
in the back of my throat
as i fall
in and out
of spurious
dream dipped
thorns of quietly
wreckless need
bouncing between
states of unbeing

can you feel it?
if you face due east
where the sun
will soon blossom across the sky
carrying my love to you.

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