the wind carries my every frantic whisper of love

i wokeyour name onmy tongueyour voicelovinglywhisperingthrough thehaze of sleepclinging tomy fog filledmind*driftingon a cloudunable tofully shakethe dreamlikecoating ofetherealwonder makingmy heart swellat your mereexistence*somewherebetween thebirdsongand splatterhiss of thecoffee brewingi existlost in thisdreamhazewhere thewaking worldand thoughtsof youwar inpredawn promises

float on

i float on the songs the chirping little balls of fluff whistle as they stare at me staring into the brightening eastern sky seeing only a new day dawn floating on steaming coffee and the promise today will be another day the planes fly in a static pattern above a glitch in the programming or […]


my head is filled with thunder need coffee or a cordless drill to release the demons. the blinds closed the world outside nonexistent except for chatter easily ignored. except for one incessant staccato chirp like an alarm sounding over and over and over and over until finally i stagger over turn the rod open the […]

golden whispers of longing

do you hear them? if you cock your head can you hear the symphony of sparrows greeting the day? chittering whistles on a cool morning as the sun i had lost hope in seeing again breaks the roofline to flood the room banish the darkness a soft caress on sleep starved cheeks but a sign […]

waking slowly

he sits as the chimes softly play predawn serenades the coffee untouched as the sky turns to steel over the buildings around him half dressed half awake half consumed by the silence punctuated by snatches of birdsong and the rumble of idling cars calling for the sun. lost in thought in translation in transition in […]

lazy little sunday

brown rice banana and fresh squeezed lemon in the instant pot for me smells with light citrus heaven delightfully fills the apartment about to make biscuits then start on the sausage gravy for the squiddos get dead is playing as i dance around the kitchen spent an hour with Sylvia and Hank hard to beat […]

some mornings

some mornings i feel like a diving spider with a web filled with air slowly knitting together a garish pink barbie funhouse just beneath the surface of the pond some mornings i feel like a mockingbird barking from a tree as the neighbor folds a pillow over their head in an effort to maintain a […]


the sunlight sneaks through the blinds plays in columns through the smokey haze bars of white trying to disinfect the darkness he grumbles under his breath rocks himself into a sitting position gets up on wobbly knees still feeling the affect of too much too much the night before the light seems to burn it’s […]

sun shade

the window of the van is bleary the sun is blurry the world is a just another inconsistent meandering that makes me question if any of it is real if any of it is worth it if all the inconsequential thoughts that make up the firing synapses mean anything at all

early morning at homewood

the hotel lobby is filled with grumpy faces surveying the powdered eggs too dark coffee over watery oatmeal with the same disdain they must have for a piece of dog shit on the too hot for too early sidewalk no talking no smiles just sullen disapproval monday morning in a strange town with nothing to […]


kombucha grimace golden light flooding fairy pink shades dance on steel gray cerulean slowly coming to life coffee drips birds as an alarm memorizing every moment while dreaming of morning in a new land