early morning at homewood

the hotel lobby
is filled with grumpy faces
surveying the powdered eggs
too dark coffee
over watery oatmeal
with the same disdain
they must have
for a piece of dog shit
on the too hot
for too early sidewalk

no talking
no smiles
just sullen disapproval
monday morning
in a strange town
with nothing
to look forward to
but the same old same old
in new trappings
that isn’t home

the overcheery faces
on the news
listing horror after horror
with plastic smiles
perfect hair
made up to make up
a happy spin
on the raging hell
of the outside world
as we consume the offerings

8 thoughts on “early morning at homewood

      1. Vegan options? Or brekkie included? Be specific. I need to be prepared. Not that I am an actual vegan anymore… which is probably why I am going to hell… like everyone else… except the real vegans. Did I ruin your poem with my brand of humour? 🤣🤣🤣 Sorry…? *rolling eyes at self*

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