float on

i float on
the songs
the chirping little
balls of fluff
whistle as
they stare at me
staring into
the brightening
eastern sky
seeing only
a new day dawn
floating on
steaming coffee
and the promise
today will be
another day

the planes fly
in a static
pattern above
a glitch in the
programming or
a line of bad code
in my skull
a transposed
one or zero
twitching my
motor sensory

the bananas
smell too sweet
turning my stomach
as the coffee
settles on top
of protein powder
and acrid harmonies
play between
rational neglects
the world feels
slightly tilted
or maybe i
am standing adjacent
to irrational
thought diagrams
forging new
misgivings in
old misfiring

i float on
coffee flavored kisses
ripped away
by the alarm
only the birds
know exactly
what was taken
and only they
can sing the tale
of a fool
desperately reaching
for one more
moment of dream
before reality
asserts control
once again


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