the unseen forces
tangling quasars
photonic frenzies
cosmic dust
existential horrors
in infrared ecstasies
ultraviolet highlights
at the edge of
mental stability
crested majesties
in crystalized
relegated to rust
dried crimson stains
marring occam’s razor
skipping over the
incorporeal stubble
on the clockface
ever tick tocking
an avalanche of grains
making sand angels
at the bottom of
the hourglass carved
in the pupils
of eternity, herself.

i am a bluebird
albino genome
in flightless
fatal foibles
from fancy figments
nestless squalor
squandering good will
predestined predicaments
pull prescient pulses
pragmatically pessimistic
poor pallor
pinpointing a penchant
for tumbling
from the strings
of would be
puppet masters
an objectionary
object obtuse
overblown obsolescence
opiods and ovaries
intangible in sullen
acquiescence to
the unseen insidiousness.

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