structural flaws

i used to think
i had a weak spot
for you
but over time
i realize
it is
a structural integrity issue
every time
you come around
i feel as if
i could collapse
i can feel
the void
in the basic
building blocks
of who i am
with a deficiency
that can only be filled
by your presence

in that mass
of double helix
there is
a random thread
to your gaze
that begins
an unraveling
a cold shunt
in my forging
that leads
to cracking
a large crystalline pattern
in the matrix
of who i am
that begins
to shatter
when you vibrate
at that frequency
of yours

i am at my
when i am
falling apart
you are
the beginning
of my end
we can create
a beautiful wreckage
to scatter
across the land
or maybe
just maybe
you are
a protein
that fits
into my receptors
slowly starving
my cells of oxygen
while convincing
my brain
you are all
that is needed


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