i couldnt tell you
with any certainty
if she was hunting me
or if i was a spirit
unwittingly haunting her

we sat in a booth
at the back of the bar
the crackling neon of
a beer sign illuminating
her hair a dayglo halo

she talked loudly
expounding upon the
virtues of ts eliot
pontificating between
breathy groans

my hand slid up her
thigh under the short
skirt as she casually
spread her legs and stuck
her tongue in my mouth

her mouth tasted of tannin
notes of cherry and
hellfire lighting a
flame even as the flood
found my probing digit

her eyes rolled back
as the petals spread
her soft cries in my
ear as her nails dug
deep into my forearm

as her breath caught
pupils turned to pinpoints
i stopped and signalled
for the waitress
and asked for the check

the tension was palpable
as she squeezed her legs
glaring daggers at me
biting her lip hard
trying to pull me close

i couldnt tell you
if it was the devil
or an angel whispering
into my ear in that moment
in a frozen paradise of sin

pressed against the car
promises of payback
between whines of need
her mouth painting a scene of
passionate fury in desperation

a hunting and a haunting
a tale of twisted aversion
at the edge of orgasm
in a storm of chemically
induced gluttonous lust

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