a dream of a cigarette

we are sitting there
on a picnic table
but we are sitting on top
with our feet
on the seats
close enough
that your perfume
is tickling my nose
while your heat
tickles me need
you have a cigarette
i watch the cherry brighten
as you take a long drag
the moon reflects
your glow
ignoring the sun
that only ever
flees its advances
i reach over to grab
at the smoke you exhale
not interested
in the cigarette
but the part
that was inside you
to taste your lips
on the filter
to find an excuse
to brush your fingers
feel your skin
through the scars and calluses
earned fighting a lifetime
of losing battles
yearning to feel
your mouth upon mine
that moment
our eyes lock
our lips press together
the darting of your tongue
against mine
a playful dance of need
playing out
beneath the stars

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