scaffold (a taste of (un)fettered)

he built a scaffold out of the ivory bones of affection used it to scale down to tap the reflection of the moon in the bottom of the sea

the coral cut and snagged his suspenders, suspended in the waters, neon pink daydreams of high colonic dismay

a diorama menagerie of carefully sculpted plankton beside the volcanic thermals

if you stare without blinking
hold your breath ever so softly like a velvet elvis over a fireplace cast from ash

his wispy form glows with irradiated majesty, just beneath the gargoyles and cattails

the moon watches in confusion
unaware if it hovers in the cold vacuum of space

or the vacuous imagination of the fool on ivory bones borne from vacant adoration and ambergris at the edge of ocean

(un)fettered, coming August 11th

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