New book release, Visceral by PC3 and Christine Morgan

Visceral by Patrick C Harrison III and Christine Morgan

Good morning ladies and gents and all points in between. Today is a big day in fiction as two of my favorites put out a joint anthology. Visceral is a collection of eight tales, four from each, that explores body horror and the human condition. I was fortunate enough to read this one early and was blown away.

Going Green by Ms. Morgan is one of my favorite short stories. There is an effortless brilliance to it that made me sit and contemplate for a while after.

The two go back and forth from there, never slowing or giving you a chance to catch up. Full Moon Shindig by PC3 is another that sticks with you. It is Bret Easton Ellis on bath salts. Terrible people doing terrible things until maybe, just maybe, something even worse is awakened.

This is just a great collection. Period. If you like horror, get it. If you like twisted, jump aboard. And if you are just a fan of wonderful writing by two authors at the top of their game, grab a copy.

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