happy anniversary to Notches, a collection

Notches, a collection came out two years ago today.

i didn’t start writing to put out stories. it began as the weight of the world became insufferable. a fool began screaming in lowercase to an uncaring universe. somehow it attracted the eyes of one of my favorite living writers, Patrick C Harrison III and the path to world domination began.

i was in Louisville, Kentucky. trapped in a hot warehouse for sixteen hours a day building conveyor systems. i remember the thermostat in my hotel room was busted and it pumped out ice cold air nonstop. i lay shivering under every blanket i could scrounge and wrote Blue. PC and i were pretty friendly and i knew he wrote horror so i sent him my new tale of love and ice. i asked, not knowing he had just begun forming a press, for advice on self publishing. he asked for a collection instead.

i have grown as a writer since this first collection, but the bones of who i am were laid out in the tales included. humor. love. loss. each tale was based on a feeling, something i still do every time. and Persephone, my telling of the full story of Hades and Kore, the one thing i am still most proud of.

happy anniversary, Notches. i never could have guessed where we go from there. a third poetry collection coming in August. a novel. Cerberus. not one, but two nominations for Splatterpunk awards.

and you, my dear readers

the best is yet to come

love, me

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