Fantasy With Mona

“My head is killing me today.” “Another headache?” “That or there are some pissed off dwarves mining for gray matter.” “Dwarves?” “It is possible.” “Your dungeons and dragons is leaking out again Mike.” “Can I throw a saving roll against headaches?” “I don’t know what that means.” “See you figure out based on my dexterity […]

A Wake For Mona

I held a wake for Mona at work today. Informed everyone she had died in her sleep the night before. The boss brought in donuts and we sat together in the break room. Marie was inconsolable. “We gather to mourn the loss of my best friend. My partner in crime. Mona. She was the best. […]

Sex Talk With Mona

“Guess who got laid last night?” “Oh God.” “That’s right.” “That poor girl.” “Now that is just hurtful.” “That isn’t what she said.” “Ouch.” “And again” “Okay. No need to be mean.” “That’s what you said when you pulled it out.” “God damn it Mona. You’re killing my buzz here.” “Sorry. It’s been so long […]

Dating With Mona

“I’ve got a date tonight.” “A real date, or one of those sort of dates that is really an excuse for sex?” “A real date.” “With whom?” “With whom? Hoighty toighty. With whooooom.” “This is reaching my limits of interest, Mona.” “Marie in accounting.” “Lazy eye Marie?” “I like to think she is multitasking Marie.” […]


i wrote a series of dialogues with a fictional co-worker named Mona. just little things to entertain myself. this is the first. they are real stories of me and other co-workers, but with her instead. i’m touching them up because i like them. not all names were changed, screw the innocent “I quit.” “Quit what […]


The water in the tub was warm, just shy of hot. It offset the numbing cold of the blood rushing down my arms. I tried to shut the water off but apparently had gone too deep and severed a couple tendons. It didn’t really matter. Wouldn’t be my mess to clean up. Probably for the […]

Basement Dwellers

The sounds of dice rolling across the table travelled up the stairs. The intrepid heroes journeyed through dank caverns and evil forests. The somber tones of the dungeon master rose over the sounds of the skirmish. “You enter the large cavern. Mushrooms on the walls glow with a faint light.” “Aye lads, my nose is […]

Nut Job, a Gear Dreary tale redux, Chapter Five

Chapter Five – Adrift My eyes snapped open and tried to take a giant heaving breath. Pain shot through my entire body in lightning arcs from head to toe. I could not pinpoint one area that hurt worse than any other as every synapse sent pulses of wicked fire through me. A red tinge overlaid […]

Nut Job, a Gear Dreary tale redux Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Setting Expectations Rachael Faust. Why would the group that kidnapped her need me to help find her? Her father said he spoke with a man with yellow eyes and the only two I know of that fit that bill and one of them just asked me to find her as well. Silence. […]

Hercules and Prometheus, myth

The man atop the mountain however did sense the figure slowly making its way to the summit where he stood, chained to his boulder for all eternity. And in this figure he could feel the warm buzzing of salvation creep through his bones. So filled with relief at the thought of freedom when the rays […]

Isaac and A’an, an intro

“He’s got a gun.” The guy coming towards me most certainly did have a gun. A large one. Big barrel. I’m not a gun guy, but this was most definitely a prime example. Even to a layman. As I watched him draw near, a dirty nondescript middle aged white guy. But something was happening in […]

trans-ition, a tale

I was sitting on the toilet, seat down, waiting for the wax to cool while bedazzling my leather thong when I had an epiphany. I said to myself, self it doesn’t get much better than this. Then I ripped the wax off and fought a scream. The price of being beautiful in this trying age […]

Cancer, a tale

“The cancer has spread throughout her body. She waited too long to come in.” “How long?” “Weeks. Maybe less.” “Weeks? What can we do?” “Keep her comfortable. It is aggressively attacking her.” “Chemo?” “She is too weak. It would only speed up the process. Look, I’m sorry to say this but you have to be […]

Fire and Water

Sitting on the bridge alone, watching the waters flow. The swooping birds delicately dive for a swimming morsel. Like poetry in motion, the mechanics of wings catching thermals and predatory instincts. It has been cold lately and the water looks so serene beneath me. A cool wind stirs the treetops into a happy dance. The […]

Dust and Ravens, a tale

He stood staring into the sun, face set into a grin tinged with madness. That unblinking stare continued for what seemed to be hours. His black suit was covered in fine red dust blown out of the dry creek to his left. His shiny head glistened with sweat. The treeline to the right was sparse […]

Business for Demons, primer one

“Berry, get me a coffee with two sugars and have those twits in accounting send me the latest spreadsheets yesterday.” I just nod. Already on my phone sending the twits a message as I head to the break room to grab the coffee. I can only imagine the scrabble as they try and put together […]