Shilling still

I have gained some new followers since my initial collection released on March 2nd. This was a dream come true for me to have my name on the spine of a book. It gave me the confidence to write my full novel I mentioned earlier today.

These shorts cover the gamut of my story telling. It starts in the 1800s with Blue, a tale told through letters from a man that desperately misses how wife. From there it goes through the phases of depression and tales of love and loss. It has been described as so real it is disturbing at times, raw in emotion and dark in tint. There is my favorite poem I have written yet, a twelve thousand word epic telling of the tale of Persephone. And it ends with comedy pieces that still manage to skirt the edge of darkness.

It has a pretty strong 4.9 stars on Amazon and 5 stars on Goodreads. If my poetry appeals to you, this collection will as well. Please grab a copy and do me a favor and leave a review after. The more reviews the higher profile it gets and the harder Amazon will push it. Check out the reviews as they are less biased than my opinion. But I am proud as hell of this first chance. There is more coming from me. World Domination is a matter of time.

Notches: A Collection

Thanks as always my dear readers



3 thoughts on “Shilling still

    1. I always forget about that one. I don’t know how. My friend Chris, a fellow writer is reading it now and giving me his thoughts story by story. I only remember Persephone and the last three really well.


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