FNN – Fool News Network

Tomorrow night, Deadmans Tome is doing the 24 hour broadcast and kicking it off is yours truly. We are playing the Did You Ever game. My only issue is that I most likely have. Get to know the Fool in ways you most likely never wanted to. Luckily you cannot see me as I blush furiously.

In other news, I received my first payment as a writer for a submission to a revenge anthology coming out soon from Death’s Head Press. The story is called Movie Night, and the anthology is Dig Two Graves. I’ll post more on a release date when it approaches.

I’m two thirds of the way through a stark departure for me, a western horror novella. As my confidence builds, my writing seems to improve as well. Neither genre is really my forte but challenges help to build abilities. I’m really excited about it.

My first novel is nearly done at the editor and I will be shopping it about. If you listened to my latest podcast appearance, I read part of the prologue. I’m not ashamed to say it is the most complete and best of my work so far. If it gets in the right hands it could be the thing that makes my fledgling career.

I don’t know what the road holds for me in the future. But I am going to keep writing and maybe it will all pay off. Here’s to hoping at least. But for now it is nose to the grindstone and keep on keeping on.

As always, it is in no small part to you guys that keep reading my poetry, buying the book, listening to me ramble on podcasts. You are the ones that keep me going. For a blog that was supposed to be about dating, it sure has taken a turn. Thank you for your sticking with me.


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