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The wonderful TheBoldMom just posted about Notches being up for digital copy pre-orders. She runs an awesome site and cares about pushing literature.

Getting Personal with Mike Ennenbach

This is an interview I did with Becky, the co-host of Deadmans Tome podcast. I will also be on the podcast again March 6th. This time more relaxed I hope.

It’s crazy to me. All of this. You dream about something for a long time and it becomes mythical. Seems unattainable. But then given the chance you find it coming true. I am not sure it is real. Maybe the depression found the ultimate way to mess with my head. If it’s a dream, give me five more minutes.

When I started this blog it was supposed to be a humorous look at online dating. When that became a nightmare and my life started crumbling I chose to try and write again. I had no aspirations. When I got thirteen followers I was on top of the world. And still the words kept flowing. I found my voice, ever changing as it is. It was Persephone that made me wonder if a pipe dream could come true. I took leaps and started to try and make more and more differing things. When I asked innocently about self publishing I never expected to be told to submit a collection. When I submitted it I never expected to get accepted. Now it is here.

Life’s funny that way. It took the lowest depths to find light. Here’s to more poetry and stories. To finding that light and risking getting burnt by it. To Icarus. To Hades and Persephone. To ignoring the fear of the unknown and jumping anyway.

Here’s to you


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