Exciting News

Normally I just post poetry and the occasional story here. But this is beyond exciting news for me. I’m going to put out my first collection of tales through the wonderful people at Death’s Head Press! I can barely contain my joy at this news. This has been my dream since I realized I would never be able to draw the pictures in my head. I gave up for a long time. And then a year ago I began to write again. If I’m honest, I never dreamt I would actually do anything with it. I was content to write for the love of writing. But now I have a chance at really getting my works out there. And I owe no small part of this milestone to you wonderful readers. The likes and comments kept me going when I was ready to give up. Soon I will have my name on the spine of a book like in my dreams. So thank you to all of you that have read my stuff so far. Especially to a select few that encouraged me and gave me hope, you are true friends and I cannot ever thank you enough. This is like the fiftieth step down this long road. And to my Muse, it all came together when you showed up. I’ll never have the words necessary for you. But I will continue to try. Always.

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