late night excitement

Hello my dear friends and readers. It’s late and even though it has been days since I have slept I am wired as can be. Blame it on mania or just old fashioned excitement.

I did the podcast this evening. It was a blast. Very inappropriate. Not family friendly in the slightest but we all laughed for an hour and a half. Talked of favorite authors and I read a poem. We talked about using testicles on a Ouija board. And what I will not write about. How I would like to be executed. Normal stuff. It hasn’t been posted yet but I was told I have a great voice, so humble brag.

It is definitely something I will do again. Maybe soon. I was contacted by another podcast not long after and asked if I would be interested. Of course I said yes. Gotta build a brand or whatever.

Then as I sat on the couch, feeling the pangs of loneliness and depression I got an email. One with great news, at least to me. A short story I wrote was accepted for a revenge anthology! I had zero expectations of being included. The story was different from my normal. Out of my wheelhouse I thought. But I am a writer, dammit. Nothing is out of my wheelhouse. If it is a story in my head it is a story to be told. Or something like that. When it gets close to release I will update with details.

So yeah. The world may be in a constant state of crumbling beneath my feet. Things are less than ideal. But I will be a twice published author. And that is fantastic. Another step down the path to maybe making this my career as I have dreamt. And I couldn’t be more excited.

And I owe it to you. I strip myself to the bone. Lay my darkest parts out in the light for you to read. And you do. I’m not a successful blogger like so many of you. I have scraped by to get the followers I have. But I have connected with some of you. Built friendships and mutual respect. I wouldn’t trade that for ten thousand followers that don’t really care. You gave me confidence in a voice I never had before. We started this path together. So thank you. From the bottom of the heart I have written about so very often.

I can’t wait to see where we go from here.



25 thoughts on “late night excitement

  1. Wow, its very exciting. For selfish reason though, i must confess…..i am in particular exhilaratedly excited about the “using testicles on a Ouija board” 🤪…….on a more serious note, congrats bro 🎈🎈🎈

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    1. They said they would put it up and send me the link. I’ll post it when I get it.

      The short story was the first I wrote with someone else’s prompt. The first with the intent of submitting. Everything else was just whatever I thought up. I am beyond flipping out. I’d do a happy dance myself but I’m still sore from the hike yesterday. Lol.

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      1. YES YES YES! oh man. I am over the moon so I can only imagine how you’re feeling!

        And I totally know about being sore, because I’ve got three feet of snow in a week’s time here. And I’m shoveling and out walking in it…. so yeah… I’m damn sore myself!! (All this with a kid strapped to my back, I might add.)

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