Old Scratch and other things the fool is working on

Old Scratch, May 13th from Crimson Pinnacle Press

Coming on Friday the 13th, Old Scratch: Demon Tales & Devil Hells from Crimson Pinnacle Press. 15 tales of demons and devils, including my tale, ‘Shallow Be Thy Name’. In my tale, Lucifer ponders if everything is according to God’s Plan, has anything he has ever done been of his own volition? And if not, if everything is predestined, what’s the point? This is fantastic lineup and I love the idea behind it. Some of my favorite stories deal with The Devil, and I hope this book stands up there with them.

In June, the Duet of Seven Sins and Seven Virtues is coming from Macabre Ladies, filled with some of my favorite indie writers. I have a story in each volume, ‘Golden Lazarus (gluttony) and ‘Fetid Petals’ (chastity), and I am looking forward to everyone getting a chance to read both volumes.

In August, my fifth poetry collection, (un)tethered is coming from Potter’s Grove Press with a special foreword by one of my favorite people, and someone I am honored to call a friend, River Dixon. Each new collection is one I am more satisfied with, as I grow comfortable in who I am as a poet. And my amazing daughter outdid herself with the cover art. It’s beautiful.

I was coasting so far this year. Started and got halfway through a new novel before sputtering out in a bad case of writer’s block and self doubt. But there is no rest for the foolish, and I find myself suddenly with five stories I need to write for various projects coming this year. So expect a slowdown in the glut of poetry for the next few months as I get myself sorted. I have noticed that what I am writing in fiction, bleeds into my poetry, so expect a darker tinge on occasion as I get myself into the dark places needed to find the tales.

The link above will let you preorder Old Scratch for 99¢, with paperbacks releasing on the 13th for purchase. I promise not to shill again until next month when Sins/Virtues is closer. Thanks for supporting indie authors and for all the support you’ve shown me. Hugs and sloppy wet kisses, me


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