leap, then look

i am actively
encouraging my
daughter to
look into colleges
far from texas
to experience
a new city in
a different climate
one with four seasons
where she can find
who she is
without the
safety net of home

i am a leaper
not known to
look beforehand
because anxiety
will keep me rooted
firmly in place
when i decided
to move to texas
it was a whirlwind
done in less than
one month from
a sightseeing trip
to signing a lease
it wasn’t until the
first night sitting
amongst the boxes
in a strange land
that my actions
caught up to me

it is hard to gauge
your own mettle
when the stakes are
mostly low risk
so i keep pushing her
towards finding out
who she really is
while i already know
she is ferocious
beautiful and brilliant
with real talent
to propel her to
the top of whatever
profession she chooses

she has to see it
for herself though
learn that she can
only fail if she
doesn’t truly try
i do not want to
push her from the nest
but i long to watch
her as she soars
so i am encouraging her
to take that leap
eyes squinted tightly
and soon she will see
the ground from a
new vantage beyond
any she has dreamt

and i will be waiting
eyes filled with pride
no matter the result
because while i do not
believe in much
i believe in her
now it is up to her
to find that belief as well


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