lover’s leaps

one thing
i always look for
when going somewhere
i have never been
is where the local
lover’s leap is located
because one constant
no matter the locale
is at some point
sorrowful lovers
have leapt to their
early demise rather
than live without
the one they love most

the misused expression
of lemmings following
in a line over the
edge of a cliff is
far more apropos to
the chasing of chemicals
to eradicate the
meaningless of life
pursuing the one emotion
that defines being alive
even those miscast animals
know better than to
plummet to their death
while we romanticize the
stories carefully retold
tall tales passed down
as long as humans have
stared into the void
only to find love worthy
of this dogged pursuit

i always visit
lover’s leaps in the
new towns i visit
stare wistfully down
and understand the
passion that led them
to take that final plunge
because without love
all we have is this
slow decline into darkness
from nothingness
to nothingness
with only love to
light the road between

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