the Generator and Bishop 2

coming April 13th on godless and March 1st on Amazon
The Generator

a busy week. after the rush of the convention in Virginia, we return to two very different releases.

The Generator is a unique and unconventional experiment, featuring Candace Nola, Eric Butler, Nik Robinson and myself. How far will you go for the fame you think you deserve?

And Bishop 2, see the return of the werebear Bishop in the wilds of northern Washington State. Past and present collide as an old enemy of famed monster hunter, Karl Beck (from Hunger on the Chisholm Trail) is set loose in modern times. When I read Bishop, I immediately messaged Candace with my idea. She held me to it. We are just getting started.

The Generator is available now on Godless, and comes to Amazon and Barnes and Noble soon. Bishop releases on Godless on Thursday and comes to Amazon and Barnes and Noble on May 1st. Both release from UDH, home to dreamwhispers and Cuckoo in September. Big things are brewing. (un)broken in August from Potter’s Grove as well and a bunch of short stories in amazing anthologies.

Plus I started my next novel, and I am super excited with how it is going so far. Thank you for your support over the years. It’s just going to get bigger and better from here. I found my editor finally, and my confidence. The world isn’t ready. Neither am I.


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