Cerberus Exploitation paperback is live and in the wild

Cerberus Exploitation: A Grindhouse Triple Feature paperbacks are available and shipping now. i have seen pics of it already in reader’s hands and that is awesome to behold. Ebook drops on the 30th still.

a lot of work went into this one, three different stories set in one dystopian future of cyberpunk insanity. so far the feedback has been amazing, which is always humbling and never ceases to surprise me.

~Electro-Satan Comes to Wolfe City~Mike Ennenbach
A group of teens head out for Fukushima Biotech’s yearly summer camp. What should be a week of fun in the sun far from the sprawl of the City, turns into something deadly. Electro-Satan has come to Wolfe City with a crew of modified hillbillies intent on wreaking havoc on the sleepy town.

~Vampire Nuns Behind Bars~Patrick C. Harrison III
A group of nuns is convicted of murder and sentenced to hard time at the Corman District Penitentiary. With the help of an undercover ally, an escape plan is in the works. But the deeds of a mad scientist and a sadistic warden won’t make things easy. And the vampire problem doesn’t help.

~The Sons of Thunder~Chris Miller
When Sawyer Declan, more machine than man, is offered an opportunity to go after the terrorist that took his former life away, he heads into the wastelands surrounding the City, hunting a sadistic army of cultists bent on equality or death, all under the direction of their Messiah. A showdown for the ages is in store for The Sons of Thunder, because Sawyer is bringing hell to their doorstep.

as always, i feel dirty peddling my wares but as someone that has to beg borrow and steal to survive week to week, your support is appreciated. Cerberus is a labor of love, three writers having fun and pushing boundaries as one cohesive beast. i hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing it. thank you as always.

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