achey and despondent

i often find
i am lost
staggering about
seeking my bearings
as they roll
across the floor

on a dead sea
no moral compass
to guide me
back to the cave
in which i
have stagnated
alone in
for far too long

if i am silent
it is a reflection
of this inhumane
living condition
if i speak
it is a limp
upon deaf ears

i find i grow
used to this state
of non-existence
an easier path
than struggling
to keep relevant
where it is clear
i am unwanted

a leaf fallen
from the branches
where it was once
cradled gently
lovingly catching
rays of light
sunken in decay
to distort
the path back home

a lost spirit
in a burial pit
in atonement for
sins i never got
the chance to commit

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