pieces of me, or, shilling for a friend

Pieces of Me

rather than another self serving please for sales on my own books (all links on my about page(fuck, did i just inception my own shilling into shilling for a friend)), i am today shilling my friend, the cute as a button Appalachian manbear himself, RJ Roles.

if you’re on Facebook, RJ runs the Books of Horror group which is a mammoth collection of some of the sickest and nicest people on the entire internet. he also runs Crimson Pinnacle Press, in which i have many stories in their wonderful anthologies (holy fuck i am gross, self aggrandizing often?). on top of all of this, he is fantastic friend and writer of whom i talk to often. poor bastard.

today is the release of his first solo collection of short stories, Pieces of Me. first, you have to give him credit for an amazing cover. especially the coffee ring on the back that was clearly suggested by someone with a keen eye and sharp wit. and inside rest fifteen tales that go all over the place from horror to sorrow to bizzare. it is a great read from an even better person.

and i wrote the introduction.

fuck. so gross. ignore me and buy his book. RJ is amazing and i am fortunate to call him my friend.

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