Blue read for you

chilling tales for dark nights has a new episode up and my story, Blue, is the second of two. i am blown away at the reading and hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

this story was written in two hours, as i shivered in a hotel room in Louisville Kentucky. the air condition was broken and wouldn’t stop blowing and i had a ticket in to the front desk. i had just watched a show on History about a family in Appalachia that had blue ringed skin due to inbreeding.

when i finished it, i sent it to PC3. i knew he was a writer and i was nervous but hopeful. he loved it. then he asked if i ever considered putting out a book. i hadn’t. but i was curious and asked about self publishing. it turned out he was starting a new press, Death’s Head Press, and asked me to put together a collection. so it is likely because of this one story nearly a dozen people know who i am as a writer.

flash forward three years and i will have 9 books out at the end of 2021. life is funny like that. in the midst of losing everything, writing found me and gave me something to strive for.

thanks for listening to a fool ramble and to his story.

love, me


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