Season of the Witch and other updates

Season of the Witch

Crimson Pinnacle Press has released Season of the Witch just in time for Halloween. Nineteen tales of witchy terror that run the gambit between wicked and helpful. Included is my tale, Within A Withering Eye, where Anna, The Witch of the Wildflowers, and her companion Archibald, a rhyming demon, seek a stolen goddess and navigate the withering eye at the behest of Baba Yaga. Link in caption, and trust me, there is not a bad tale in this one as the autumnal chill settles across the land.

In other news, dreamwhispers, my second collection of short fiction, should have a cover this weekend and will be one step closer to a November release. I’m proud of this one, and the stories included run the range of cosmic horror, dialogue, an epic poem on Eros and Psyche, retold myths, and even God shows up for pizza rolls and pomegranate vodka. This is my first solo release of fiction since 2020’s Hunger on the Chisholm Trail.

Plus Trapped still has a few days on its Indiegogo before release later this year. This is another excellent anthology from Candace Nola and Uncomfortably Dark, following last year’s award winning Baker’s Dozen. I am proud to have been included in both and can’t wait for you to read it.

Ending 2022 on a roll and already have a few projects lined up for 2023 that are quite exciting. A charity anthology from Potter’s Grove. More short stories in various anthologies I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to, including KJK’s newest. I spent the last year in mourning, but now I am ready to continue the goal of world domination. Glad to have you along for the ride. It is going to get weird.


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