sunday splintering

the river flows
sluggishly through
the antechamber of
incidental yearning
a sick slick of
poisoned apathies
thick foamy dismay
in a thousand ebon
bubbles churning
out effervescent odes
to this pollution of
pustulance pervading
a quiet morning of
hollow denials as
the planes circle
searching for wreckage
in the smoking craters
where the bonesplintered
audaciously attrocious
remains remain
undisturbed in the
ordered rampancy of
heartthistled melange

a stuttering cloud of
horse flies and the
hoarse cries of those
fallen failures who
accepted the stagnation
in superfluous sadness
dragging the riverbed
for skeletal slivers
in a saturation of
still born serendipities
lost in the consumption
where scavenger souls
toil as the hopelessness
swarms in a sundered
sea of subversive smiles
salacious sunbeams and
a simplicity of sins
saturating the succour
in a solvency of dread


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