Notches turns 3

Notches, a collection, my very first book, came out three years ago today. While I am most likely not the same writer I was back then, I am still proud of the stories the book contains. It covers different genres and ranges from humor to horror, depression to love. It also features my ode to Persephone and Hades that kick started my entire decision that this poetry thing might something I could throw myself into with reckless abandon.

But this entire book came into being from a broken hotel air conditioner, a fool trapped in Louisville and a documentary on a family from Appalachia that had blue skin from inbreeding. I had no intentions of being anything but a WordPress poet doing it for the love of writing. As I froze in that room I scribbled out a story named Blue, a frozen tale of love and terror from a homesick fool working fifteen hour days in a warehouse with no ventilation on his day off with nothing but a subarctic hotel to sit in. When I finished it, I sent it to my friend Patrick C Harrison III just to have a real writer critique me. He loved it, and wuen we got to talking about books and publishing, he brought up me submitting a collection to his press he was launching.

I went from a no name, impoverished poet to become a no name, published yet still very much impoverished poet on March 2nd, 2019 thanks to PC3 and Jarod at Death’s Head Press. And while sometimes I curse and grumble at the new anxieties and headaches trying to become an established writer can cause, they showed me the path I think I was meant to be on. That means the world to me.

If you are looking for something that may take you places you didn’t expect, or feel things you didn’t think you’d feel, grab a copy. It’s cheap on Kindle and the paperback is beautiful. The Don Noble cover was everything I didn’t know I wanted. And as always, thanks for coming along on this ride. Hugs and sloppy wet kisses, me

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