The Generator and Bishop: Man Vs Monster, out now


The Generator and Bishop: Man Vs Monster are both available in paperback on Amazon now and at Barnes and Noble next week.

The Generator is the tale of a failed writer who discovers a way to find the fame he has always sought. But at what price? Candace Nola weaves this tale in a unique and fantastic concept where Eric Author, Nik Robinson, and myself are pennames on our own tales. It’s cool and different, and works so well. Plus. You get to meet Albert, one of my favorite characters.

Bishop: Man Vs Monster is the sequel to Candace’s Bishop from last year. This time she brought me along, and we tell a tale of two timelines with a common foe. She tells of Bishop, the werebear, and his family in the wilds of Washington. I bring back Karl Beck from Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, in the 1870s. I also got to do something I have wanted to do for a long time, taking a beloved story and making something new but still trying to touch on what made the original resonate so strongly.

I think each new story I put out is better than the last from the feedback I have gotten. It all leads to (un)broken from Potter’s Grove Press in August and Cuckoo in September. We already had Aristocrats. And ‘Til Death is in two weeks. More on that soon.

As always, I appreciate you coming along for the ride. I’m excited for those stories to hit, and terrified of the future. As it should be.


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