Shamelessly Shilling Again

I hate shilling my wares. They don’t ever explain that 20% of writing is writing. The rest is desperation. I’m just happy to have books in the world.

Here are my five books if you would like to grab a copy or two. It’s a pandemic, books are good for your brain.

Cerberus Rising

(un)fettered: a collection of poetry

Hunger on the Chisholm Trail

(un)poetic: a collection of poetry

Notches, a collection

And then there are a bunch of anthologies put there as well on my author page. ABCs of Terror volume 1 has my tale, P is for Puppet, which is, and I quote, insidious and terrifying. Then there are the four Dark Holidays books from Macabre Ladies with drabbles and flash from myself and a ton of talented people.

As always, dear readers, I appreciate your support and kind words. Thank you.


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