Baker’s Dozen is live!

Baker’s Dozen is live now. The wonderful Ms. C Nola has brought together 13 tales that range from comedic to horrific in one absolutely beautiful book.

It ends with my story, Death, and a Donut. I am usually not one to praise myself or my writing, but this one is special. All I can say is, the ending is not what you think, and the consensus seems to be to have tissues ready. You can’t see, but I am smiling devilishly.

It would make a great holiday present for a horror fan and came out at the perfect time. Thank you as always for supporting indie writers, and personally, for reading my words.

Hugs and sloppy wet kisses, the fool

2 thoughts on “Baker’s Dozen is live!

    1. Candace, Christine, Kenzie and 3 are awesome in this. I haven’t read the rest yet, but reviews have been glowing. This and BASE are my favorite anthos of the year. And thanks cutie. Grrrowl.

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