A favor for the Fool

Hey everyone. As you know, my first collection Notches: A Collection, came out earlier this year. Now it is end of the year awards time and I really need to start getting my name out there.

How can you help? Glad you asked, dear readers.

this is horror awards

If you could take a moment to follow the link, maybe nag some friends as well. It just takes an email to say Notches for collection of the year. I don’t expect to win, but to make the short list would be kick-ass.

And maybe leave a review on Amazon for it and my poetry collection, (UN)POETIC: a collection of poetry. Amazon uses metrics and even one line reviews count. The more reviews, the more amazon pushes the work.

I’m not good at self promotion, worse at asking for favors. But this is important to me. So here I am, asking for your kind assistance.

Hugs and sloppy wet kisses


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