The Fool kills Tupac

Mothers of Mayhem The Gang Gets Cancelled

Ugh. More of me rambling. This time with two of my favorite ladies, Marian and Christina. Worth it to see the Baby B. I explain why Wu Tang is superior. Nuff said.

4 thoughts on “The Fool kills Tupac

  1. Why are these bitches your favorite ladies? Why are you such a whore? Never ever ever satisfied always looking for a new place to stuck your dick you fucking mean bastard 🖕


      1. Fuck you for making fun of me. It’s soul crushing to go all day everyday and never have anyone to talk to. You don’t give a fuck about me. You are EXTREMELY selfish and have always been selfish. You refuse to give me time and kindness and you give these worthless motherfucker better than me. I have never mattered to you and you don’t even care how your lack of love and kindness keeps destroying me. I’ll never believe it will change it get better because you have never been kind to me. Strangers are your best friends and I go to dy in and out and never get a word from you because they matter to you and your actions prove that I don’t.


        1. That’s because I don’t know you. You come here and freak out at me, mistake me for someone else, and act like an asshole. It isn’t fun, it’s an issue. Soon enough you’ll tell me how you wish I were dead or threaten me. Then you’ll vanish for just long enough that I’ll think it is finally over. But it isn’t, is it? And God forbid anyone is kind to me, because then you’ll snap and snarl at them. You need help, but you won’t get it. You’re fixated on something that isn’t here. I’ve been kind. I’ve asked you to stop. But you always return. I bet when you’re centered and lucid, you are a nice person. But you’re not to me. You’re fucking mean for no reason. Please. Stop.


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