Death of a Soul Duet

Death of a Soul Duet. Death of a Soul: Sins and Death of a Soul: Virtues are coming soon.

Pride – Scott Courturier

Wrath – Stuart Stromin

Envy – Chris Miller

Lust – Mike Duke

Greed – Ruthann Jagge

Sloth – Christine Morgan

Gluttony – M Ennenbach

Humility – Shayne Keen

Patience – Candace Nola

Kindness – Marina Schnierer

Chastity – M Ennenbach

Charity – Regina Watts

Diligence – Patrick C. Harrison III

Temperance – Tommy Clark

this is an excellent two book set, and i am quite excited for them to come out in a couple weeks. as always, thank you for reading and supporting indie writers. hugs and sloppy wet kisses, love me


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