the power of my glare
keeps the ceiling
just like my disbelief
floating in the air
all the hidden scenes
interspaces within
the textured cage
a zygote ensconced
in eggshell whimsies

am i a realization
sorrow in actualization
just a mass of tumors
twisted around fractured
spinally etched columns
filled with poisons
a cadaverous replicant
formed of emotional
incongruencies draped
over razor wire daydreams

pierce my heartshudder
with your incomprehensible
perfection and beauty
engulf my inadequacies
in your soulshatter light
reform this formless tar
into a spectacle of joy
instead of random painslivers
realign my fractured
into a semblance of human

i am deeply afraid
that whatever i have become
writhing in this cocoon
tracing the ingrained scars
as my indecipherable regrets
spread the tainted ridicules
over this new state of unbeing
staining the too big bed
a shroud of turin mockery
in biblical regurgitation

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