amateur key cutter

as a kid i was always
fascinated by the machine
at the hardware store
that made copies of keys
unaware it was a simple jig
that traced the edge of
the original key

my lack of understanding
implied a sense of skill
perhaps even magical
in the art of duplication

the simplicity of the world
over complicated by
uncertain minds makes for
a random assortment of little
bitter disappointments

now i find nothing but
misery in the knowledge
acquired over too long
beneath the poverty line
there is no magic
no genie with three wishes
falling stars died long before
and being a good person
means slowly starving
with a clean conscience

maybe i could be happy
cutting keys professionally
helping others to unlock
the obstructions between them
and things they desire

has to be better than spitting
pointless prose
into the apathetic winds
and convincing myself
it matters at all

6 thoughts on “amateur key cutter

  1. Dropping Keys

    the small man
    builds cages for everyone
    while the Sage
    who has to duck his head
    when the moon is low,
    keeps dropping keys all night long

    … an old Persian. Hafiz

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