the empty vessel; a seashell of supple hells

subtle vibrations
easing along
the nervous system
on the brink
of collapse
wired for sound
yet filled with
white noise
the song of
the ocean in
your ear is just
my distorted
echoing along
inner ear insanity.

i am an
empty vessel
stirring at the
bottom of your
oceanic depth
a skull
in a forest of
waving kelp
untold sin
settled deep
in soulsilt
loving you
the only way
i know how.

embracing your
quicksilver umbra
in heart thistle
a sundry passion
in the deepest
morning chill.

my empty chest
a seashell
filled with the
soft bemoaning
of the damned
and dying
a dedication
to the silence
wrapped ever so gently
over the pulmonary
in an undefined
tempest of desires.

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