mining my way to the center of my own hollow truth

on the crusted filth
of misanthropic
collecting on the
burnt end of progress
there is soft buffeting
of sparrow wings
sending little clouds
of dreamdust soulbillow
to scatter amongst the
cracked facades of
fragility in a quick
tempered state of
ambiguous losses

i was a spectating
spectacle of spectacular
wondering about
in shuffling footsteps
as the twisted coils
inserted tensions
into my spring loaded
full frontal idiocies

the canary in my chest
flutters in panicked
madness against the ivory
bars of the hastily
put together cage
the deeper i go into
my own empty skull
seeking a last vein of
coaldust soliloquies
to cobble together a
heartstrummed symphony
to call your wayward soul
home in my embrace
as the vapors seize
the warbling streak
in the throes of soft
suffocating suppleness

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