a real player lair

when i grow up i want to be manaical super villian

nothing too outrageous

hidden lair on a desolate dormant volcano or in a swamp somewhere

legion of faceless lackeys in matching black and chrome

tanks of electric eels and sharks

the occasional death trap to brighten the room

something with lasers and spinning blades

the basics

the pelts of exotic animals adorning the walls

a dank dungeon area for torture and uninvited guests to stay in

a long table with uncomfortable chairs that can be jazzed up with restraints and have hollow areas beneath that lead to the aforementioned tanks of electric eels and sharks

nothing too fancy

but with a real mystique to it

laboratories with scientists working on weather rays and new strains of diseases

maybe robots with homicidal urges

a landing pad for my private jets and helicopters and to launch the occasional death beam sattelites

it must have a moat of some sort, filled with alligators or hippos

just a place to unwind and contemplate genocides and taking over small countries to set up as puppet regimes to hide my own nefarious plots


nothing fancy

just a lair to kick up my feet in the backs of servants and sip wine from the skull of my enemies while planning terror and fun

maybe a petting zoo

who doesn’t love a nice petting zoo

there is probably a way to genetically modify the animals into blood thirsty killing machines if not fed special pellets daily

something that can be triggered with subsonic signals

i’ll hammer out the details later

for now it’s just a dream

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