phantasmal seas

the sun didn’t shine down through the leaves it went prismatic as it burst around the crystalline tools of photosynthesizing reality into palatable pieces of energy above soar winged mares of daylight personified on the breath of sleeping giants whose bones make up the mountains and heartbeat heats the cold soil the princess is in […]


true to their word, the dwarves let me go unharmed at the edge of their kingdom. nude. hands bound behind my back. and they were even sweet enough to dump a bucket of pheromones on me as i left. i ran screaming as every able bodied howler monkey chased after me with a gleam of […]


rainy days like these remind me of when i fought in the secret war to liberate canada from their beaver overlords the battlefields smelled of maple syrup bullets and bodies were strewn aboot we fought hard across the frozen tundra against the furry bastards on top of their moose mounts war is hell, eh the […]

Lady Syphilis, a Gambler tale

“Friedrich!” She stood in front of an iron wrought throne with crimson cushions. She was as pale as moonlight but had a deadly grace to her. An air of menace radiated from her and had been known to cause her enemies to clench up in fear. Scars marked her face where her hair didn’t hide […]


“If he comes closer.” “Into the pot he goes.” “A tasty morsel.” “Sorrow like garlic.” “Eats him.” They think I cannot hear them mutter as I pass. Stupid things in the trees and shadows. I just shrug them off. “Closer. Come closer little human.” “Find a different snack,” I call to them. “He speaks. Does […]


there is an ever expanding bubble of sorrow in my guts, every second clicks by it grows and consumes me will i ever get back home can i just throw it all away what am i, really just an empty shell of regret plus remorse multiplied by bad decisions and empty gestures, a grand sum […]

a real player lair

when i grow up i want to be manaical super villian nothing too outrageous hidden lair on a desolate dormant volcano or in a swamp somewhere legion of faceless lackeys in matching black and chrome tanks of electric eels and sharks the occasional death trap to brighten the room something with lasers and spinning blades […]

but i can dream

i’ve been trying to figure out how to best introduce myself to you i thought maybe i would slide in, dressed up in a vest and bowtie, shirt tucked in, pocket watch chain hanging casually, my docs all shined up a smooth first impression say my name and assume you would recognize it, maybe go […]

fanciful, words

a crystal menagerie of arthurian legend trapped in amber behind the veil of time and space elemental runes etched on the craggy walls sword and steel frozen in battle stance the maiden heart and virtuous knight locked in each other’s gaze for eternity of dragons and lairs filled with golden dreams and demons and atlantis […]

hunt, words

i am the hunter, the silent stalker in the cityscape the lone tracker of the most elusive of prey following the scent of the heart’s desire, picking out clues in the most hidden of places, laying my traps of subtle turn of phrase and heartfelt prose looking for the missing piece, the completion, the mythical […]