the tortoise, who sat watching turtles

there was a tortoise sitting on the bank of the slow moving river watching the turtles float he was a reptile like them had a shell like them even his skin seemed pebbled just like them but he wasn’t no matter how much he longed to float it just wasn’t in his nature life isn’t […]

rat dreams

the thunder rattles the calcified bits of dead dream in the long silent solace of who i once was the rains pummel the windows of the squalor while reality rolls in the collected trash of another failed attempt at life beyond the daily allotment of means dribbled across the failings of my icarus like fanciful […]

an anthem

there are these little gnats flying around my place, every where i look i see them at least i think i do, sometimes i sit here and wonder if they are little wisps of dying dreams struggling to catch my eye and remind me there is more to… this i set out cups of vinegar […]


dreams are easy to give up intangible things that hover at the edge of consciousness barely cognizant realities that sweep across the sleeping mind until you see the first come to fruition then they become drug soaked dervishes that consume your waking mind if one can happen why not more more more


i’ve got a hot glue gun a pile of feathers and so many dreams yet to fulfill with your help maybe i can reach them


chestnut mare, runs like the wind, mane and tail go flying what do you dream open plains, barley and hay, golden oats that stretch for miles when i was a child they had to put a horse down, it screamed and thrashed in the dusty hay of the freshly mucked stall, the screams echoed into […]

last new trick

i’ve given up on you on me on us this old dog learned one new trick how to bury a dream the world was once all colorful and bright now it is a black and white shit show fuck me for dreaming


the biggest fear of life is waking from it’s dream or was it a nightmare only the dead can say and they’ve grown quiet so very quiet as of late


before color tv people dreamt in black and white color dreams were not commercially viable until the 1950s, monochromatic journeys into the minds flushing of tangential garbage i dream in radio plays, in subservient satellite blasts of long gone yesteryear a top of the charts rendering of the ridiculous renderings of reality versus distorted misinterpretations […]


sometimes i dream of other states geographical mental emotional i dream of her of wildflowers in her hair my reflection in her beautiful eyes i dream of years gone past not yet born i dream of dionysus exiguus the man who determined when anno domini began i dream of celebrating in a different state with […]

(un)titled ode XX

woke up after a long night of dreaming the sunlight through the blinds combined with the empty bed told me it was also another lonely night but the dreams were nice you were there again you looked as beautiful as i always imagine so it wasn’t a complete waste

same age

i’m nearly the same age as my father nearly the same age as my father when he died i’m nearly the same age as my father when he finally bought a bar an alcoholic dream to be surrounded by your vice no one can tell you a thing drink whenever the hell you want every […]

(un)titled dreamscape IV

i awoke from the darkness into more darkness, a palpable black that coats the world noises from beyond, shouting and breaking glass, this feels so familiar somehow crawling forward it dawn’s upon me that this a closet, and one i know too well i stand and reach for door knob, well aware of what comes […]

(un)titled dreamscape III

i awoke from the darkness into a barren red land, the yellow brown skies like butterscotch each step like a leap of pure joy in the lesser gravity of this foreign landscape red clouds erupt from each bounding step and form dust devils into the emptiness it is freeing, this lack of tether and alien […]

(un)titled dreamscape II

out of darkness i awoke into a fog filled alleyway of mossy cobblestones the scent of the city hung heavy in my nose, of refuse and soot, and an underlying scent of copper i stumbled on weary legs down the tight corridor unsure of my destination ahead a scream broke the eerie heavy night and […]

(un)titled dreamscape

out of darkness i awoke in a land of technicolor amazement the field of wildflowers erupted into flight as i approached it carnivorous butterflies of every shade imaginable swarming consumed in a tsunami of color and gently flapping wings into darkness i fell as the teeth of a thousand mouths feast


there is an old chinese proverb a man dreams of a butterfly when he wakes he wonders if he is really a man or a butterfly dreaming he is a man last night i dreamt i was a dolphin now i don’t know if i am a man or a dolphin dreaming he is a […]

one way retreats

is it disillusion or confusion, how did it come to this, facing hard truths and the lies seem just as bad life is a cancer, we’re all just polyps, lesions, a legion of pus filled protrusions pinching a nerve and the cure is no better than the symptom i said the cure is no better […]

an hour at a time

it’s too early to be this damn tired my mind is fixated on the time change i’ll endure soon losing an hour of life i’ll get it back eventually but will i really once gone it seems too fleeting to ever lasso again like the smile and wave at the end of the bar and […]


i fought the good fight but i’m so very tired now the grains of sand that bastard morpheus tosses in eyes grate and grind with every blink take your sleep and your dreams away those whispered promises of fond hope never acquired my head rests on this pillow my muscles ache and you pile on […]

only in dreams do dreams come true

dreamt a dream where a dream came true and as the dream came true a former flame did her best to burn it down when the alarm went off i fought responsibility to stay and see where it would go but then woke up less than awake with this aching ache now i want to […]

inside my dreams

i dreamt of you again last night when i woke tangled in the sheets and breathless my first instinct was to wake you and whisper it into your ear but that was the dream wasn’t it that you were here this awake life is not for a dreamer like me my sallow skin is see […]

smoke and mirrors

went to a psychic last night before you ask no i don’t believe in any of it all smoke and mirrors illusionary medicine to calm a weary mind she offered palm readings and tarot cards it smelled of incense and herbs in the small candle lit room she greeted me and took my hand and […]

a real player lair

when i grow up i want to be manaical super villian nothing too outrageous hidden lair on a desolate dormant volcano or in a swamp somewhere legion of faceless lackeys in matching black and chrome tanks of electric eels and sharks the occasional death trap to brighten the room something with lasers and spinning blades […]

that’s enough for me

there has to be more to life than this she said to me leaning on an elbow as i tried to go to sleep don’t you think there has to be more than this i knew she wouldn’t stop until i answered probably i muttered i want more and if you don’t i don’t see […]

if you squint

she looked at me and laughed as i sat on the couch in my boxers you’re not bad looking from across the room, if i take my glasses off, she said between giggles i’m an adonis if you squint, i replied as i sucked in my gut and tried to affect a look of disinterest […]

but i can dream

i’ve been trying to figure out how to best introduce myself to you i thought maybe i would slide in, dressed up in a vest and bowtie, shirt tucked in, pocket watch chain hanging casually, my docs all shined up a smooth first impression say my name and assume you would recognize it, maybe go […]


pitiless stares from silent watchers, hidden in plain sight, hunters hunted by forces inexplicable rest is for the dying, the reminder of sleep eternal, for now we dance under the stormy skies in hopes of rains filled with glorious cleansing the thunder cracks the hymns of forefathers, each lightning strike another reliquary of ancestral pride […]


at the end of the day at the end of the book we just want that happy ending everything wrapped up with a neat little bow the villian gets their comeuppance and the hero gets true love and saves the day with a glorious sunset we nestle close and bask in the finals rays of […]


dreamt of you again last night woke up sick feeling like i did for weeks on end frantically checking to see if you texted or called or emailed me while my fragile body slept the weakness and necessity pull me from endless stares at a popcorn ceiling with the secrets of the universe and happiness […]

tuesday blues, words

i’ve cracked the code yesterday was a miserable day of exhaustion and three tap dancing rhinos in my skull coupled with a long day at work i was in misery so i ate four tylenol pm at seven and promptly passed out at eight and nearly stayed comatose the entire night it wasn’t good sleep […]

treasure/trash, words

this time it was different i knew they were all dead we sat laughing and joking but i remembered they had died and i couldn’t make out there words as they looked at me but their tone and mannerisms said they were making fun of me and i laughed knowing whatever they said was more […]

possibly, words

one day this ragged dream will end history will determine whether any of it meant anything to anyone the beaten hero faces his final curtain call his blood spills out like the words from his pen and did he ever succeed reach the one he so desperately called out to the only answer to that […]

footsteps in the dust, words

these hands are battered and scarred too many fights hard work from sketching the road map of a broken spirit along the empty corridors nothing but my shuffled feet to keep me company whispers from the dark call out to me sing lullabies slap the worthless from my heavy brow i couldn’t save anyone couldn’t […]

ends with a y, words

the first time i dreamt about death i was four i saw myself on the table my parents, like so many back then didn’t think about the shows they watched in front of me didn’t take my high intelligence into the equation probably thought i was too busy playing with toys to see the things […]

dream kiss, words

woke up from a dream in the middle of the night like a world made of multicolor smoke it dissipated as i tried to hold on pieces flash still coherent racing down the street my friend driving an odd collection of faces i no longer make out a van we were late which sounds right […]