where nothing is as it seems, and all is nothing more than a dream

i’ll never be your dream come true

it hurts to say the words

to breathe life into them and make my greatest fear an irrationally honest utterance

i won’t sweep you off your feet

these arms are weak and my back broken from the lashing whip of a thousand broken promises

i’m not the knight in shining armor astride a glimmering white horse fresh from war

more the beggar on the corner

the urchin stealing bread as the shopkeeper makes a sale

the fantasy and the reality of stained glass compared to the torn canvas of a failed artist

so keep your dreams and maybe one day they will come true

but these hazel eyes have seen far too much agony to ever see the light of day without fearing the shadows the light does bring

ever changing like a chameleon perched in a branch

you only see the colors i choose to share

the vibrancy just another form of disguise

the deft tongue more likely to shred than taste the honeyed words that fall syrupy and sweet down hidden fangs

more monster than man

hunched over from breaking stones and hearts from this life sentence of hard labor and easy lies

you’ll find no relief fron heart wrenching agony here

no sweet succor from this demon’s kiss

more an overly strong drink than the ambrosia of gods

a fallen star in a field of lillies

so go before i do more harm

allow me to set you free from the anguish this black soul knows far to well

run fast and free on those pretty toes to salvation in the arms of true love

away from this facsimile of warmth and joy

i’m no dream come true

more a horror under the bed

the boogeyman in the darkened closet as sleep takes hold

you deserve better than a lifetime of misery and salty tear stained linen

the devil’s eyes and a mortician’s hands are all i have to offer

a wisp of a notion of happiness last good bye

the road to ruination is all this shadow leads to

and damnation follows in my every earthshaking step

sorrow the scent left lingering at the edge of fond farewell

one last tepid kiss before the wind blows over the flames of love’s demise

one last dance with death as the dawn breaks over the horizon

a near miss at fulfillment for the fractured fool

where nothing is as it seems

and all is nothing more than dreams

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