i fought the good fight but i’m so very tired now

the grains of sand that bastard morpheus tosses in eyes grate and grind with every blink

take your sleep and your dreams away

those whispered promises of fond hope never acquired

my head rests on this pillow

my muscles ache

and you pile on with your muttered muted kaleidoscopic hellscape of desire

to hell with your sweet respite

your infernal song of eternal wishes come true

i stare defiantly into the eye of this maelstrom of your romantic misguided dreams


you are truly the cruelest of all the pantheons

at home in the ever swirling mists of sleep

tantalizing watercolours of what shall never be

damn you

damn you

thrice by my lips i damn thee

by my blood and spit and piss and seed i damn you to suffer as you have damned us all

yet i clutch so tightly to the wisps you sow

and hate you all the more for it

despicable is the dreamer for reality loses the luster in comparison

despised and devoted to you lord morpheus

take them away

let my sleep be peaceful and devoid of the gifts you so callously share

into the dark i settle

lowered into the void by human fraility

drawn down into you

may hades pull you down

and minos, aeacus and rhadamanthus judge you for your crimes against the forlorn and heart heavy

but give me one more vision first

sate this sorrow laden soul

and then begone

begone into the void from which you were born

never to torment me again

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