(untitled) 908

the moonlight slides into the room

i carve your name with it onto my skin

on my eyelids so i only see you as with every blink

onto my tongue so all of my words are always for you

it rained razors, a torrent of rusted blades, he sat in a field, bared to the storm, rivulets of blood running down his smiling face, serenity flowing in waves, no sign of the agony he must feel

i spun a needle with your voice

piercing my eardrums with your lilting tones

your smile a crimson and ivory brand

in which i forever seal my lips on yours

lightning struck the pane of glass, a whirlwind of glass enveloped the room, shredding and tearing all in it’s wake, she sat on the floor amidst the chaos untouched as the room around her was destroyed

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